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General Forum / Farewells To Great Cyclists
« on: February 23, 2021, 09:54:42 PM »
Acknowledge your great champion cyclist ending their career with a dedication here.

NT Teams / AUSTRALIAN NT - Season 13 - Ending of an era
« on: November 01, 2020, 07:56:03 AM »

Somewhere on the road in Queensland

Welcome to season 13.  It's an ending of an era, with all of our favourite cyclists entering the twilight of their careers.  A few may make a farewell tour in season 14, but for so many their NT careers will end here.  Others will see opportunities & a new beginning.  So welcome to season 13, the ending of an era, heralding the arrival of the new.

Current Australian cyclist rankings below.

NT Teams / Australia NT Season 12
« on: September 11, 2020, 10:28:21 AM »
We're coming up towards the end of an era, the winds of change are marching.  Why not make a change yourself, like Zatarra last season & TeaMetal this season, and join us Down Under.

Our seasonal table of best Aussie cyclists plus up & coming cyclists will be posted shortly, but first, welcome TeaMetal & anybody else who joins us this season; I trust the motel quarantine has been up to standard, and we get to see you competing under the Southern Cross on Monday.

General Forum / World Best CFF Cyclists
« on: May 18, 2020, 08:00:57 AM »
Want to see what CFF's best looks like.  Then look no further.  See what's required to be the best of the best.
And if you have one of CFF's top tier cyclists, why not show them off here.

Off-Topic / Italian Cycling Laws
« on: March 21, 2020, 04:01:37 AM »
Does anybody know when various changes to Italian road use regarding cyclists were made? I'm particularly interested in things like:
  * Safety equipment (helmets etc).
  * Distance cars need to be from cyclists when overtaking (1 metre rule).
  * Single file (or two file) for cyclists.
And if there's any source I can quote, that would be awesome.

Bugs / Achievements Bug
« on: March 03, 2020, 12:42:21 PM »

My Richard Levin with Div 1 TT 8 wins including 2 WC TTs is yet to get it.
whilst Leroy Benett (6 wins - had achievement at 5 wins) & Benny Andresen (6 wins) do have it.

Bugs / Race Not Run
« on: February 05, 2020, 06:08:11 AM »
Etapa 5
Giro Italia
05-02-2020 05:00:00

Current game time 06:07:28

NT Teams / Australia NT Season 7
« on: January 11, 2020, 02:51:17 PM »

Part of the Brisbane bicentennial bikeway & Kurilpa Bridge over the Brisbane River, William Jolly Bridge in background

Welcome to season 7, and my final season as NT manager for a while.  We have two flat TT races.  My Richard Levin is complaining that they're 40kms too short; however he can suck it up.  Of course the fact they aren't long means finishing 1st isn't a safe bet, but at least we do have a chance of beating the all-powerful Spanish team for quite possibly the final time (unless the Spanish elects a poor NT manager).

We're still going to need decent points in the non-TT races, and can be certain of assistance in the cobbles race 7, however from there it gets into overperform territory yet again (for example my Fraser Morris who's a lowly GB domestique is rated 1.6av higher in pure climbs to Anthony Garza; my silver starred Daniel Cerdan [Spanish domestique] rated 0.6av higher in sprint to Tony Carter [near zero experience]).  Still, we have hope for some further luck coming our way.

Current Australian cyclist rankings below.

Bugs / Winner of 15 Grand Tours Achievement
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:01:44 AM »

I have a mathematics problem.  We've had 6 seasons of CFF3.  The first season nobody was a Div1 team, so effectively 5 seasons.  Three grand tours in a season, equals a maximum of 15 grand tours raced.  Now, unless the same manager has won every single grand tour, it can't be possible for anybody to have won 15 GTs.

Off-Topic / The Late Late CFF Show
« on: January 04, 2020, 12:00:38 AM »
Welcome to The Late Late CFF Show with Hazed & Smokey.  First episode with EpoGlucK from Peachy'Melocotons as our special guest coming tomorrow.


Episode 1: by Hazed & Smokey with EpoGlucK from Peachy'Melocotons
Episode 2: by Steamed in Hades with Damafe from Chesspower

Bugs / Store Income
« on: December 28, 2019, 06:41:07 AM »
I'm pretty certain after my cyclist's NT results & stage victories in the current Div 1 tour, this shouldn't happen.

FAQ / Race Tactics
« on: December 15, 2019, 01:32:53 PM »
This is my first completely new guide FAQ in CFF3, the others I’d done were done in CFF2 & transferred over.  As always, I’ll skip over things already covered elsewhere [such as in Help]
Also Note: This will not tell you what tactics to use in specific individual races [don’t ask], and is only giving general race tactical theories that have appeared in the forum.

* Race Tactics *

First up a technicality:  This FAQ could possibly have been called “section tactics.” rather than “race tactics,” because we’re really talking about setting the effort for each section, and how it relates to sectional tactics.  And with that pedantic technicality out of the way, before we get to the actual topic, a little introduction for newer players.

* How Races Work *

Every race has two sets of calculations.  The main calculation is the general race value.  When you click on a race, you’ll see an approximation of this on the left side, where the primary attributes for a race is shown with 1 to 3 star ratings.  This value is constant throughout all sections, and is the majority factor on the performance of your cyclists.
The second calculation is the section “effort bonus.”  Each section, the effort your cyclist uses adds to the performance of your cyclist in that section.
The cyclist’s general race value & effort bonus are then added together to generate your cyclists performance rating for each section.

Note on TT
TT is different.  There’s no tactics or effort in TT races.  Instead, the overall race value counts exactly the same for each section, except for stamina, which counts for little at the start & progressively more after each section.  You can ignore everything beyond this point in the FAQ if your cyclists are doing a TT race.

* Effort: The Basics *

If you remember absolutely nothing else then remember this.  The benefit gained from effort in a section is completely & solely determined by that section’s primary attribute.  As such:
Blue Hills = Hills stat
Brown Mountain = Climb stat
Yellow Downhill = Downhill stat
Red Cobbles = Cobbles stat
Green Flat (sections 1 to 4) = Flat stat
Green Flat (section 5) = Sprint stat

Secondary stats don’t count in effort.  So if your cyclist has 0 hills skill, using 5 effort in a hills section will provide zero benefit.  It doesn’t matter if your cyclist’s stamina-aggression-etc is 99, only the primary attribute matters.   So, for a cobble-hill section (eg 4th & 5th sections of E3 Harelbeke), which are red, cobble attribute is the only thing that counts for effort benefit.

The second basic item worth noting:  You remember me saying above that there are two sets of calculations.  A slight modifier that’s useful for this topic.  There’s a tiny performance boost for how many effort a cyclist has left to use (see in-game help).  Do note that’s it’s referred to as a tiny bonus, and generally not worth losing time for.

Right, that’s it for the fundamental stuff, the rest of this FAQ is generalised material that’s an additional guide & not gospel for all circumstances.

* Additional Generalised Forum Threads Stuff *
Reminder note: I personally may not 100% agree with everything in all circumstances or races.  The following should be treated as generalised theory from forum knowledge only.

* 1: Baseline Setup Template *

It’s generally accepted that there’s a generalised tendency to push a little at the start, and at the end of races, and that cyclists can lose time here if they don’t use enough effort that they mightn’t otherwise.  As such the basic starting point setup template would go something like:

* 2: Weak Cyclists or Domestiques *

You may however find that you have weak cyclists.  If you have weaker cyclists, your goal may be to keep up with the front pack as long as possible (particularly in tours if you have somebody going for overall result), as such, you might have tactics like:

This also applies to domestiques in support of a leader.

* 3: Strong Cyclists *

If your cyclist is strong, you could save energy until the last section, for instance:

Or if they’re especially strong, especially in flat races, you could be a dare-devil & not use 12 efforts at all.  For example:

Of course it does come with risks, particularly if they’re not as good as predicted (ie Aussie NT team leader season 5 race 3), but that’s for you to judge.

* 4: Terrain & Time Differences *

It’s been claimed in forums that various terrains create larger variances in times than others.  However, time variances in tour stages suggest this most likely only holds true to any meaningful degree for climbs (hill & cobble stages show a similar 1st to last cyclist time variance as flat sprint stages).
What’s true though is that time differences between cyclists of similar values are more likely to occur on various non-flat sections, kinda like you see in real life cycling.  Of course time gaps still occur on flat sections, especially if one manager uses high effort with a top cyclist when others use low/nil, it’s just that cyclists will tend to stay in larger groupings during flat stages/sections.

And for an illustrative explanation on time differences.  Suppose in a section various cyclists are calculated as being 0sec to 120sec slower than the fastest cyclist.
In a flat section, those cyclists 0 to 27 seconds slower may stay with the fastest cyclist at 0sec, those who’d be 28 to 55 secs slower end up being at 28sec, then 56sec, etc.
In a climb section, cyclists 0 to 7 seconds slower may stay with the fastest cyclist at 0sec, then those 8 to 15 secs slower end up being at 8sec, then 16sec, 24sec, etc.

The same applies to cobble or hill sections to varying degrees (note, the above explanation are illustrative examples only, actual time variations will differ).

* 5: Leader – Domestique – Weather Bonus *

A team leader gains from one domestique that stays with him (regardless of how many are with him), all domestiques loses performance regardless of whether they’re with leader or not, weather bonus are a bonus; how much of an affect they have has never been revealed.  All of these bonuses/penalties are applied to the cyclists’ general race value calculation.

* 6: Final Word *

The stage pics are only illustrative guides, to give an approximation guide of the stage values.  The actual calculation for each section is (“general race value” + leader getting support – domestique + weather + effort remaining) + (effort used * cyclist stat for section type) = performance value.

Anyway, that’s it from me today.  If you want to know how tactics work for a specific race, how much tactics should be set for your cyclists vs to stay with other teams cyclists, etc &/or etc, these are things you’ll need to experiment on yourself, because that’s not advice the FAQ can/will provide.

NT Teams / Australia NT Season 6
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:44:14 PM »

Grand Pacific Drive : NSW - near Wollongong

Welcome to season 6.  There's one significant difference to last season, and it's not good for us.  The race 6 flat hills (which we scored 260 points mainly thx to a then 6 star hiller - I'd love to see what on earth other NT managers did there) has been replaced with a flat-climb-dh race; so our starting position is probably -260 points from last season.  It's possible 23 year old Clickett &/or Pinkney will make their debuts on the NT scene with points in the TT.  There's also 23 year old cobbler Angus Friend, of course given that we gained a better then expected 240 in the flat cobbles last season, well we'll see.

Race 4.  Australia holds the record for most points scored in a NT race (815), and this season we'll be seeking a new record that will never be beaten [NTs will begin to become less gainful after the current 23 year olds from numerous CFF countries have another season of training in them].

Btw: Current cyclist ratings by my calculations (click attachment below).  Calculations for Hilly-TT still not very accurate, but is a guide.  And the Grand Tour ratings was put in to fill the spot, it shouldn't be taken as accurate.  Ratings for 19-22 year olds to come.

Selecciones Nacionales / Australian Nacional
« on: October 08, 2019, 11:38:37 AM »
Sub 22 Temporada 5

NT Teams / Australia NT Season 5
« on: October 05, 2019, 08:48:31 AM »

Ben Lomond (Jacob's Ladder) : Tasmania - near Launceston

Welcome to season 5.  This year's NT championship features a fairly standardised race set, featuring standard races for each major race type.  Of course this season isn't as kind to our cyclists as last season, with one less TT, and the flat-TT being at a shorter length, however a plain flat cobbles race should hopefully claw back a percentage of the expected points lost, and we'll still achieve a top ten points position by the end of the season.
I always say that we have one goal, and that's to beat the British, which we've managed to do for three seasons, not sure we can do it this time.  Predicted finish for season, 7th.

Btw: Current cyclist ratings by my calculations (click attachment below).  Several calculations do need refinement (hilly-TT & flat-cobbles for example), but is a guide.  And the Grand Tour ratings was put in to fill the spot, it shouldn't be taken as accurate.  Ratings for 19-21 year olds to come.

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