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(note: everything is stolen from the Spanish forum, or the doubts thread [now Ask Anything], or the Dutch, or somewhere else)

Basic info on training camps is on the CFF training camp page:
I won't repeat what's there.  This FAQ is mainly to  clarify common questions people may have about training camps.

*TC Bonus Once a Season*

A cyclist can only have a TC bonus once per season.  Note, the timeframe is for when the cyclist has the bonus, not for when he was in the training camp.  A simple table might make things easier to understand.

   Sent to TC (before TS)      Exit TC (after TS)      TC bonus starts (race)      TC bonus ends (race)      Can use TC next season?   
   62      76      103      90      
   63      77      104      91      
   64 > 87      78 > 91      78 > 91      118      
   88      1      1      15      
   89      2      2      16      
*TS = Training session (TS session number is always prior to the race of the same number)

If you send your cyclist to a training camp during TS days 64 to 77, he'll have the TC bonus for less than 15 race days.
Note: If the cyclist has already used his TC bonus this season, you can send him to a training camp after training session 77.

*TC Time of day*

You may have noticed above, it's mentioned that the training camp's 15 days is counted from the same time as the game's normal training sessions (1:00am & 7:00am).  What this means, is that if you enlist your cyclist to a TC before this time, your cyclist will only actually be unavailable for 14 races, not 15.

*Bonus to above 100 skill*

The TC bonus is the one time when your cyclist can have over 100 in a skill.  So, if your climber's stat is normally 99, with the climbing TC bonus, he can go into races with 102 in climbing (or even more with staff TC bonuses).

*Changing Staff*

If you change your masseur-doctor halfway through the TC bonus period, then the new Training Camp values will apply to the remaining races.

*Selling Cyclists & TC Bonus*

Quote : "If a cyclist is sold... he will loose the bonus (if the bonus is still active). However, he will be able to go again to the training camp."

In other words, the old team could race the cyclist with the TC bonus active for 14 days before he was sold, and because the full 15 days wasn't used by the old team, you can put the cylist into another training camp.

*Other Questions*

How much does your masseur-doctor TC value increase a TC bonus?
Don't know.  This is apparently hidden, and hasn't been made public.

If I have a cyclist who's in a training camp until after race 33, can I sign him up for race 34 while he's still in the training camp?

Are training camps much good?
Division 1 teams swear by the bonus, mainly because every single point of cyclist skill counts (plus there's an income to cost ratio to consider).
But for division 3?
I could show a page of maths, but economically, TCs in div3 won't make a profit in a majority of situations.  If your cyclist would finish 4th in a Grand Tour, then finishing 3rd (>break even) or 2nd (>€35k profit) may work, but if your cyclist is finishing 15th, then sending the cyclist to a TC will lose you money.
Of course, maybe money isn't the prime consideration, so it's up to the individual.

Is it useful to send u23 cyclists to a training camp:  Short answer.  NO.
Longer answer.  The TC bonus is temporary (15 races).  Your u23 cyclists will gain zero long-term benefit from a training camp.  Besides, u23 cyclists should be for long-term gains, not short-term results.  Any points a u23 cyclist gets is a bonus.  Plus, a u23 cyclist won't make up the cost in improved race results.  If you want to help your young cyclists, then correct normal training, correct staff, correct racing, is the way to do this.  TC is a short-term bonus only.

Note : TC = Training Camp
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