Author Topic: Promotion and Internation scouting  (Read 1334 times)


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Promotion and Internation scouting
« on: March 27, 2019, 08:46:25 PM »
First of all Oska. Im impressed in your effort of making the new game, and I hope this dont come out to cross.
However, I have concerns regarding the promotion and internation scouting system:

The luck factor is in my experience, HUGE. At least considering how unlucky I have been... Its almost like im begining to wonder if a BUG has hit my team.

I have now promoted and used international scout since the begining with the following result:
7 under 600 wage riders
2 under 810 wage riders
0 50 GV in any main terrain (Cobble rider, sprinter, climber and so on)
Result = only useless promoted and international scouted riders.

When I played in the beta, I had alread 3 useable riders (GV 55+) at this point, now I have zero.

To make it even worse. I started with ONE rider over 50 GV, and my highest waged rider is 817.

I also see other teams with 60 GV riders, and lots of over 50 GV riders.
I probably just been awarded with BAD luck every time, but this truly ruins the experience.

Again, im not sure how it all works, but I feel like im playing in a lottery where pure luck decides whether you have a chance in the game or not.
Personally, im keeping up due to the fact I have long experience and have much better tactics than most of my opponents, so for me its only frustrating.
For a new player or semipro player my bad luck would have been totally devastating.

Im probably sounding negative, but considering how important this is in the begining of the game, it actually can ruin peoples chances, and that is sad.
It should be some balancing in this system, to avoid one team with huge luck have multiple Great riders, and other with really bad luck NONE.
That there will be some misbalance I understand, but as it is now,  where it is so decisive it feels just wrong.

Ive played this game for years, and I have already have thoughts of just quitting the game due to this, as I know I have to use a LOT of time and seasons to equalize this. However, I do enjoy the game in general, so I will stay on for now, but it already has cracked my motivation, and I cannont rule out what will happen in the future.
I can only imaging being new or semipro to the game, what this would have done for those players motivation, not good.

So, to sum it up. Im not excactly sure if its ony pure luck every time as I think. But a conformation would be nice.
Secondly, if it is, I think now that this will be a huge impact in the sucess of the game, It will be important to have some balance so that one team ends up with 0 good cyclist, and another 10 great cyclists.
Third, what is my suggestion:
Personalized drafts and internation scouting. So if you have bad luck one time, your odds sligthly will improve next time, and the other way with good luck. This way it still will be luck based, but slightly more balanced.

Thanks for your response in advanced.
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Re: Promotion and Internation scouting
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2019, 09:15:48 PM »
I'm yet to get anybody worth writing about either.
But don't forget, talent level & your own training is going to be comparatively more important in this version of the game relative to the old version (initial skills being comparatively less important).


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Re: Promotion and Internation scouting
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2019, 05:23:35 PM »
Same here.  I haven't promoted anyone higher than a wage of 817.  Received a handful of riders with wages under 600, three of which were 400 or under.  Once again having to supplement my team with purchased cyclists just to stay competitive in Div 3.  YAY!!  Hard to purchase when you aren't making any money from promoted cyclists.  Not sure how all of these teams have such great luck in promoting/scouting cyclists.  Oh well.  At least I'm familiar with Div 2 and Div 3.  Good luck to all!